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  • What is FNFTEX | DEX and how does it differ from traditional stock exchanges
    FNFTEX | DEX is a digital exchange platform that allows users to trade a variety of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, tokenized stocks, and other digital securities. Unlike traditional stock exchanges, FNFTEX | DEX operates exclusively online, providing users with 24/7 access to the global markets. Additionally, FNFTEX | DEX leverages blockchain technology to ensure security, transparency, and efficiency in the trading process. By utilizing smart contracts and decentralized technologies, FNFTEX | DEX enables peer-to-peer transactions, reducing reliance on intermediaries and central authorities. This digital exchange empowers individuals to engage in a wide range of trading activities, offering lower barriers to entry and increased accessibility to global markets.
  • What currencies are accepted for transactions at FNFTEX | DEX?
    At FNFTEX | DEX, all transactions are conducted in Euros. However, you have the flexibility to pay the Euro amount in any currency including cryptocurrencies. Whether you prefer to use credit card, bank transfer, or a crypto wallet, you can choose your preferred payment method. It's important to note that you are not required to have a wallet credit; each transaction is paid separately when an order is processed, providing convenience and flexibility for our clients.
  • Can I list my own shares?
    Yes, you can. Depending on the asset group (company shares, shares of art, real estate) you can enter the procedure of listing. This is a fast track and inexpensive way to list your shares publicly. Choose for more information in the menu on top of our website.
  • What do I need in order to buy and sell shares with FNFTEX | DEX
    To buy and sell shares with FNFTEX | DEX, you will need to open an account, which is free and can be done at any time. Initially, we will require your name, email, and address. Additionally, in order to proceed with buying and selling shares, we will request a copy of your passport and a "Proof of Address". The Proof of Address should be a recent document, such as a utility bill or bank statement, that confirms your current address. These requirements are necessary to comply with regulatory standards and to ensure the security and integrity of the stock exchange transactions.
  • How do I contact you??
    You can always reach us via email or leave a message in the chat. We are here to assist you, understanding that using a DEX might be new to you. We are willing to dedicate as much time as necessary, even if you simply want to try it out for the first time and feel hesitant to do so.
  • What are the costs?
    There are no costs involved for your account. Buying a share is also charge free; you simply pay for the share price as published or the bestens price you enter when buying. If you wish to sell, we will charge you 1.5% of the sale.
  • How can I pay (or receive when I sell)?
    If you purchase at the market price, you will be directed to PayPal to make payment using your PayPal account or any credit card. All currencies are accepted as long as they match the Euro price. If you do not have a PayPal account, we will provide you with a payment link. You can transfer funds from your bank account or similar method. For your convenience, you can save your payment details in your account settings. There is no obligation to do so. When you sell and the transaction is completed (meaning someone has purchased your share(s)), the relevant amount will be sent to you using your preferred payment method. This could be a bank account, PayPal account, or credit card. If you prefer to pay or receive in cryptocurrency, we will provide you with the necessary details.
  • How do I know (and prove) I actually own the share?
    Any transaction, whether it involves buying or selling, will be recorded on the blockchain. We will provide you with all the necessary details in your account. You can verify the transaction's existence yourself by checking the public blockchain. When you sell, a new transaction will be added to the chain, establishing someone else as the rightful owner. These transactions are incorruptible and legally validate ownership without any possibility of tampering.
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